Daily Archives: February 9, 2012

New “law” against the TIPNIS

Egocentric, caudillo, arrogant, intolerant, anarchical and other words do not suffice to qualify this government’s behavior regarding the TIPNIS. Both the indigenous territory and the National Park will lose forever their protected condition, due to the imposition and ill-disposed attitude by sanctioning this so-called law for “prior consultation.” Furthermore, this government is now saying this law will be used whenever other people try to stop a road in Bolivia.

This cartoon is from El Diario, February 8, 2012. I shows both president and vice-president doing what they do best… wash their hands and not assume their roles as elected-decision-making-law-compliers, they are public servants: However, both are wasting their hands over the “short Law” that was passed to protect the TIPNIS, a law both signed!!!

So, what can we expect now? are all the other parks and Bolivian eco-regions in jeopardy? certainly so! And there were people who wanted to give this president a nobel prize???!!! certainly his dramatic pose as protector of “mother nature” is going down the drain… fast!

This other picture I collected from a friend in FB, it clearly expresses my opinion about this government: