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Iran’s only political interest in this side of the world?

We know Iran’s president has internal problems back home, his recent travel to Latin America was a desperate attempt to show to his citizens he has acceptance abroad (it appears he couldn’t visit Bolivia because Argentina exerted huge pressure to our current president not to receive the Iranian president). Not only he has distanced from his religious leaders, he is facing an embargo from Europe and the USA has expressed major concern for his unilateral decision to blockade the Ormuz path. This article shows an attempt to force a relationship with our latin culture…

An article published by www.hispanicbusiness.com

The Iranian state television officially launched an international channel in Spanish on Tuesday, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The channel called “Hispan TV” first started to air programs on Dec. 21, 2011, for 16 hours a day and was officially launched on Tuesday in a ceremony attended by Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi and the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, said the report.

This TV network aims to reinforce the cultural bonds, and to bridge the gap with the peoples of Spanish-speaking countries, and to introduce Islamic Iran’s traditions, through airing programs for Hispanic addresses round the clock, according to the IRNA.

It will air programs in the fields of news, films and series, documentaries, reports, exclusive interviews, in addition to different political, social, and economic programs from Tehran.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the inauguration ceremony via video link.

All nations are in need of peace, security, freedom, progress and welfare and it is necessary to enhance cooperation, communication and collective efforts for such wishes to materialize, said Ahmadinejad, quoted by Press TV.

He stressed that close communications, exchange of views, and unity are of significance for protecting the basic rights of people, adding that the media can play a crucial role in this regard.


Reading the last two paragraphs above, I say who is he to talk about basic rights of people when women in Iran are treated so badly, not to mention Iran’s political/religious persecutions… how could we accept that discourse when he openly attacks and denigrate the Christian religion which is the overall majority in our country? (Catholic and other religions based in Christianity principles). What do we have in common with Iran? This is just another attempt to brain wash our population.

I respect Muslim culture, but I’d rather see programs which are not as biased as Iran’s or Afghanistan’s, I’d rather try to understand how muslim culture is by looking at Kuwait, or the Emirates.