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TIPNIS update, February 23, 2012

TIPNIS continues to struggle against governmental manipulation; yesterday the government has promoted the prosecution of women who “allegedly” are said to be guilty for keeping hostage the Foreign Affairs Minister, David Choquehuanca, days prior to the brutal aggression of the police force to the marchers. That is blunt intimidation said CIDOB’s President to Unitel on its news program at 14:23 yesterday.

The following information appeared in Los Tiempos website:

The President of the sub-central TIPNIS, Fernando Vargas, reported Wednesday that the ninth march from Trinidad of the indigenous people is in preparation; the protest march is in defense of the ecological reserve which is threatened by the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road.

He said that now they are coordinating with indigenous and urban organizations of the nine departments. The start date of the march from Trinidad to La Paz will then be defined.

Vargas reported that the National Commission of the Confederation of the “east” indigenous peoples of Bolivia (Cidob), where actions will be coordinated to follow next month will be meeting this 28 and 29 of February.


This cartoon appeared in El Dia, February 17, 2012. Two bulldozer are coming out of the presidential palace, one with the sign in reference to those supporters of the TIPNIS and the other with a sign in reference to those who will question the decision of the government, in contempt.

Long gone appear the democratic freedom days, now no one can express freely their disgust to manipulation of the laws that place the environment and indigenous people rights.

This is from El Diario, February 20, 2012. Where a leader of the Conisur, group who is pushing to build a road to cut in half the TIPNIS national park and indigenous territory. Photo and paraphernalia of current government is displayed in his bedroom while he dreams with “trips, salaries, houses, money, per diem” In direct line to the link that exists with these group and the desires of the government to have this road built.