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Corruption and coca in Bolivia, February 8, 2012

We had these issues before, however over the last six years or so, both have increased exponentially; there is money and new rich people blooming everyday in Bolivia. Even some international agencies have ‘praised’ current Bolivian macroeconomic policies. Although, they fail to acknowledge how pernicious and damaging are corruption at all levels and the coca/cocaine business is not only laundering money but generating violent kills not seen ever in Bolivia; one of the last people killed had over 30 bullets; another had masking tape all over and also shot mercilessly..

This is from El Dia, January 30, 2012. You see how fast a big gasoline tanker passes by the regular/legal gas stations, on the sign you can read “permit for controlled substances underway” … as the truck goes to the Chapare, where most of the coca used for cocaine is grown. Gasoline and diesel are cocaine precursors, that is, they are crucial inputs for the cocaine base/paste production. And… current government policies (another type of corruption) do manage to provide this type of free ride to the coca/cocaine producers.

This one is from La Prensa, January 31, 2012. It shows the number two of the political party (MAS) in power, being torn apart and sent to jail for 12 years. The former senator and powerful party member, Santos Ramirez has fallen, although most of the case is still in the dark… Fighting over corruption in Bolivia has still long ways to go as current government has ‘generated’ numerous cases of corruption still unsolved.