Coca growers against the TIPNIS intangible condition…

This cartoon appeared in El Dia, December 3, 2011. The “intangibility” concept has resulted a headache to the indigenous people of the TIPNIS; who already lost the contracts with the tourism agencies and the controlled logging activities.

The coca growers group who support current government, wanted to enter the TIPNIS, so they could expand their coca growing area; knowing that those leaves were never going to be used for the traditional uses that this government and themselves so adamantly preach about.

I have to give this group, the coca growers of Chapare and the “inter-cultural” group that they were clever enough to play with words and regulations. They wanted to impose the intangible concept, as a sort of revenge for being left out of the TIPNIS. Although chances are that they will continue to pressure for that road to cut in half the TIPNIS.

I certainly hope that Bolivian society continues to give support to the TIPNIS, and this outcome serves to protect other national parks and reserves. We must keep informed the stakeholders worldwide so this government and its constituents do not destroy our environment.

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