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Bolivian sins

Bolivian sins by Humberto Vacaflor G., appeared in www.hoybolivia.com

For those who do not believe that the situation of Bolivia looks like Somalia, that State was dissolved in 1991 and has ceased to exist, here are some facts.

Before making this list, it’s worth remembering that Somalia is a territory without a State, is a failed State, without laws, without police or army, Where it reigns the law of the jungle, where people do whatever they please, from trafficking with drugs (khat), to women’s traffic and goods of all kinds: a black hole where everything is permitted. It is not a country, it is a territory where they take refuge Pirates that haunt the Indian Ocean. The decency, the honor, the committed Word, good practices, the respect for life or death, have no value.

Faced with this reality, we are going to show some concrete facts that occur in Bolivia even before its declared, or should be admitted, it’s another failed State.

The newspaper La Republica from Lima reported that every Tuesday and Thursday about caravans between 70 and 120 trucks loaded with smuggled goods arrive Juliaca from Bolivia. The report says that each truck carries about 15 tonnes of appliances, fuel, tires, cigarettes, beer, gasoline, fabrics, clothing and other products of “foreign origin”.

Chilean products entering Argentina through the Bolivian territory are cheaper to those who make the direct journey. Is that do not pay duties, do not pay taxes: have gone through a black hole.

A Peruvian company report that a gang of thieves (pirates) who arrived during evening hours from Bolivia dismantled the machinery of a construction company and took the parts and left.

The inhabitants of Puno say they got tired of claiming the fact that the city of El Alto pours its liquid wastes in Lake Titicaca, which is contaminated, chemical residues of the drug trafficking industry were detected.

Through Bermejo and Yacuiba checking points, every day passes smuggling to Argentina, with coca, cocaine, clothing (new and used), appliances and Chilean products.

The former Mayor of Rio of Janeiro César Maia said on Bolivian Tv that in the past four years, the number of planes loaded with drugs grew by 500, coming to Brazil from Bolivia.

The Brazilian armed forces deployed a force of 5,300 soldiers to control the border with Bolivia, as well as Paraguay and Peru.

In early December, the Paraguayan air force made anti-aircraft fire exercises to shoot down aircraft of drug trafficking which enter from Bolivia.

The Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has formally proposed to raise an electronic barrier at the border to prevent the entry of drugs, as well as to extend the deadline for the removal of landmines planted in the border.

Last thing: Cochabamba police reported that 40% of their vehicles do not have license plates and therefore can not buy fuel.

The list is endless. This is a black hole

Very well written article, unfortunately is the truth…