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Bolivian government’s strategy to get rid of opposition leaders, December 2011

La Razon reports on political persecution and MAS intend to remain in power:

Current political party in the government of Bolivia, MAS seeks to invalidate opponents and strengthen management to be extended in power, the chart to the right shows nine opposition leaders facing 74 trials. For the full Spanish article, please use the link further below.

We are three years of the next general election, the ruling apparatus articulates a strategy to neutralize any opposition leadership and strengthen the administrative management in order to ensure its permanence in power until 2020. They avoid mentioning if Evo Morales will go to re-election.

The Deputy Minister for coordination with social movements, César Navarro, explained that the social sectors are called to ensure the permanence of the movement toward socialism (MAS) in power. “We said that the process is irreversible.” “Organizations must work to ensure that compliance with this,” said the authority.

National Assembly [former Congress] reps from the opposition said: A member of the opposition party: National Unity (UN) Elizabeth Reyes and the of National Convergence (CN) Luis Dorado agreed accusing the ruling party has begun a “political persecution” against its opponents. They recalled that an example of this is the suspension of the opposition Governor of Beni, Ernesto Suárez. La Razon registered that nine political leaders, add together more than 50 trial processes.

The leader of a Peasant Women’s group: Bartolina Sisa, Philippa Huanca, stated they enrolled campaigns and seminars for the formation of new political cadres. “We will not allow the opposition to return to power.” “This process must continue and that is why we must make plans so that the instrument (political) will win the next elections.”