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Two Israeli tourists lost in Bolivia…

Have you read “Back from Tuichi” by Yossi Ghinsberg? It is a book considered the driving force for hundreds of Israelis coming to Bolivia on pilgrimage. The author wandered in that region of Bolivia and got lost, his book explains his adventures, ordeals and also how he was rescued. Well, Israelis who finish their military duty, have began to come and do the route; trying to emulate Yossi, who came to Bolivia after finishing his military training.

La Razon reports today about two Israeli tourists been missing:

Two Israeli tourists disappeared in the Northwest of La Paz after a walk. The Embassy of Israel in Bolivia started the search although bad weather in the region would be damaging, according to the Information Jewish Agency.

The missing two were part of a group of hikers who performed a 20-day trek through the area of the rivers in the Northwest of La Paz and after five days of their disappearance, rescue teams started to cover the territory.

The Israeli Government, in coordination with its Embassy in Bolivia, sent 30 rescuers to become involved in the process of searching for both persons, stated the Jewish World portal.

Israel media reported that Israel Shay, CEO of Sital International, the company that leads the search, has reported that the place where the Israeli citizens are reported as missing ;it is a very complicated area because there are no roads to enter into the forest.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they are constantly monitoring the rescue with the Embassy operations and providing whatever is needed for the operation.


I hope they are found with no complications but another experience in the Bolivian wildlife. In that area, before that book was known to the world, there were no restaurant menus in hebrew; now you can see menus hanging in front of those restaurants, in Hebrew, English and Spanish… in that order. My family and I visited the Madidi Park and were amused to see that, over 15 years ago.