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TIPNIS latest as of December 4, 2011 – 20:32 PM

El Deber website reported the latest agreement between TIPNIS leaders and the government regarding the regulations for the “short law” and the ‘intangible’ concept:

The document was signed approximately at 10:30 AM this Sunday, informed the President of the sub-central Sécure, Fernando Vargas, now the regulation must be endorsed by presidential decree. The Act establishes that there should be joint work and the commitments of the Ministry of the Presidency “to make the corresponding steps for approval”, pointed out in past hours, the President of the TIPNIS. The regulation is distributed in three titles, seven chapters and twelve articles, according to the detail offered by the leader of the indigenous people of the lowlands.

While these agreements are been made public and the enactment of presidential decree that will put into effect the rule, in Cochabamba there are warnings of a march demanding the road should cross the TIPNIS. [this unfortunate and belligerent instrument undermines the credibility of current central government]

“Indigenous people and the Government have agreed to” the regulations of the “short law” 180, but must be approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The highest representative of the indigenous people of the TIPNIS said that the traditional use was respected.

Since November 28, this firm was delayed for several reasons as there was divergence in the terms, but once solved, it was signed this Sunday, a [supreme] decree must be signed to bring into force these regulations.