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7th year in a row: Bolivian police on top of human rights violation!

Human Rights got very strong in Bolivia, as we went from military rule to democratic governments. The people who served under HR got a lot of prestige and political power, and many ended up in public office; unfortunately some of them like former Minister of Government/Interior was questioned for the police using excessive and brutal force against the TIPNIS marchers. This cartoon, is from El Diario, December 9, 2011. Sacha Llorenti, current government’s scape goat is being pushed out of the HR’s ship.

The following excerpts are from Pagina Siete, regarding the Bolivian police force questionable first place, for the seventh year in a row on infamous human rights violations, full Spanish article can be read using the link below:

Between May 2010 and may 2011, the Ombudsman registered 14,149 complaints of different nature; of those 5,562 have to do with the violation of human rights. Of these latter cases, 1,084 correspond to complaints against the police. With this report, the entity of the order leads for seventh consecutive year the violation of human rights in the country.

On the other hand, according to a diagnosis made by the urban program of the National Union of institutions for the work of Social Action (Unitas), Santa Cruz and El Alto are the cities of the country where the economic rights, cultural and social were violated the most, reported Gaia news.

The evaluation determined that these cities insecurity, inequality and lack of access to basic services worsens the living conditions of its inhabitants.According to the head of the urban program, Carlos Revilla, in Santa Cruz and El Alto cities are where  we see worrisome violence rates. Children, women and people with disabilities are more vulnerable to the violation of their rights.

“75% Of the nation’s population now lives in cities and in those urban areas where most problems occur on issues of accessibility to housing, employment and the item that has been worrying a lot of people: the issue of basic services and citizen security.” “We are registering many of these problems in Santa Cruz and El Alto,” he noted.


El Deber had a similar coverage, you can read the whole Spanish article in the link below. This ia a picture of police members arresting one of the peaceful TIPNIS marchers on their way to La Paz, it was a 66 day ordeal and the reason for Llorenti’s dismissal from public office and expulsion from the Bolivian Human Rights office, as he was HR’s past-president for Bolivia.


To date, no guilty party was found on the brutal police repression; indigenous people and justice in general must be served!