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Santa Cruz private sector priorities for 2012

El Deber reports about the Santa Cruz private sector priorities in the economic agenda with current government:

Food sovereignty

In addition to expand the agricultural frontier with traditional products such as soy, corn, rice and sugar cane, they will intensify the crops of vegetables and varieties of potato in several areas of the region. In animal husbandry they will increase the production of meat and milk animals. The incorporation of advanced technology will be vital to accompany production processes.

Export vocation

In addition to providing a permanent guarantee for domestic consumption, prioritizes the execution of food projects with exporting opportunities, because no production can be increased, if there are no incentives for external sales; sugar and oilseeds are priority. The textile chain and permanent support for small and medium-sized enterprises are an essential part of the proposal.

Greater social inclusion

It will include all sectors without exception. Generational cutting is decisive, i.e. support to youth with technology upgrade, but at the same time work coordinated with the public and private universities. Youth and indigenous people are the bulk of the sectors that will be given greater attention in the construction of the new agenda.

Sustainable development

They will establish conditions to underpin sustainable development. Productivity has been affected by lack of infrastructure and technical training, also access to technology is complicated. It should improve access to credit and create awareness of insurance to withstand weather attacks. From Santa Cruz it is intended to underpin the long-term national development, creating jobs.

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