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Current Bolivian president’s acceptance drops by 50%!!

There is an old say: “you harvest what you sown” and that finally gets proven for beautiful Bolivia, as Pagina Siete reflects in today’s article:

Much has happened between the end of this year and that December 2009, when Evo Morales swept presidential elections and the drop in his popularity is a sign of things.

[the graph to the left shows the answers to the question: “will you say that you approve or disapprove the management of current president?”] The Y axis represents the percentage; the X axis the months, December 2009 to December 2011. The red line is disapproval, blue approval and yellow, down below is for “doesn’t say”]

The latest poll by IPSOS for Pagina Siete reveals that the approval of the President dropped 35 points in two years. It is cut in half.

The highest peak reached by the head of State is given in January 2010, when 70% of the population approved him stepping in Office… just days after Morales reached a spectacular victory in the election. Evo was reelected with 64% of the votes and the movement for socialism secured complete control of both houses of the plurinational Legislative Assembly. [government officials were saying before and after that date, they were targeting to full power, full control]

Two years ago, barely 25 of every hundred respondents expressed their disapproval to the presidential management. Today that figure has doubled. 53% of the people has lowered their thumbs in disapproval to current president.

The study of public opinion was conducted in four major cities of the country: La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz and El Alto. 1,303 people were consulted between December 2nd and the 11th, this year. [El Alto which used to be a neighborhood of La Paz, became city for political purposes, so more political jobs could be assigned, is basically a migrant city, large number of rural population from the highlands go settle there, as they want to be inserted in urban life, where they find informal employment, and access to basic services]

The President underwent two moments of descent trend in the past 24 months. The first occurred after the close of 2010, when an unprecedented increase to the cost of fuel was decreed.

Despite the cancellation of the gasolinazo, just five days before it was decreed, the approval for current president fell to 36 per cent in January this year and to 32% in February. This is still the lowest registration obtained by the President.

In that moment, 63 out of every 100 Bolivians disapproved the mandate of the Chief of the movement to the socialism political party.

In June of this year, Morales was able to reverse the adverse situation and managed to have higher approval than rejection. The “grades” for the President, however, again descended as of August.

The latter half of the year was marked by the economic situation that generated the indigenous March in defense of the National Park Isiboro Sécure. Which forced the suspension of the Government’s project for the construction of a road through the heart of the TIPNIS.


People like this president appeared in the political South American arena, some charismatic, some grew politically because were good public speakers, but mostly because people in general were looking after hope… whereas that meant speeches and also as a result of harsh economic conditions.

Current Bolivian president, not only managed to make us Bolivians that we are nothing; erased our condition of Republic; added national emblems, despised our history and tries to “de-colonize” while supports a true capitalistic venture: coca crop production which turns into cocaine… affecting not only overseas consumers but also our youngsters and labor force. This person, made sure that people from the highlands fought or despised the lowlands people; made the poor fight the rich; the white with the mestizo and those against the indigenous. In a way, as they openly say, they want to change it all, even our nature.

Bolivia can not erase our heritage, we are mixed indigenous and white, we are mostly mestizos with western civilization values, and no one will be able to change that. So, I’d say that finally those people who dreamed that this government and person were going to be the solution to our problems, are beginning to see a dictatorial, communist, socialist ideals that did not work elsewhere, but in Bolivia they continue to push, to our detriment and increased poverty and frustration.

This story is not over, as elections will have to happen in two years, we will see this president pushing for re-election, and we still see a weak opposition as most of those leaders are either ‘self exiled” or are under a large number of trials, so they will be discredited and will not participate in those elections. This government is still strong, no doubt and what worries the most, is that they have shown to have no scruples at all, they’ll do whatever to continue to hold full control and power of our Nation.