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TIPNIS heroic and courageous struggle update. March 19, 2012

From Gundonovia, David Moreno reports for El Deber’s website:

Unanimously, around 38 communities of the indigenous territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS), spoke against the construction of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos road [through the TIPNIS] and the consultation stipulated by law 222.

Criticisms of the ‘corregidores’ [local authorities] and some representatives of the communities were quite harsh against the Government, in particular to President Evo Morales, who was described as “traitor” to the indigenous movement of lowlands that led him to power.

They regretted the divisive action that State authorities are making in indigenous communities “with gifts and privileges”, arriving massively during these days.

“It has had six years to give aid to communities, but Bolivian President now just realizes that there are indigenous in the TIPNIS and living in poverty and in complete abandonment,” stressed Adolfo Chávez, leader of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Bolivian East (CIDOB).

On Thursday, Morales chose to go to the community of Oromomo, where he delivered outboard engines, and ignored the invitation of the sub-central Sécure for the ‘corregidores’ meeting in Gundonovia.

The only phone that works in Gundonovia since Saturday was without signal, with what this community and the ‘corregidores’ meeting were held in solitary confinement. Some suspect that this is another sabotage of the Government.

The extraordinary meeting of the ‘corregidores’ of the TIPNIS started on Saturday and not as it was scheduled for the days 15, 16 and 17 of March. According to Fernando Vargas, President of the sub-central Sécure, there was sabotage of the Government for the acquisition of fuel, which made it difficult for the displacement.

Two persons of the Santisima Trinidad community complained that the corregidor of the area is captive, unable to move anywhere.


Kudos fro those brave people who continue to defend their territory and our National Park!!!