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Briefs: inflation; TIPNIS a sof December 6, 2011

From El Deber and Los Tiempos, respectively:


The price of the onion, household beer consumption, housing rent and lunch, according to the Statistics National Institute of (INE), were the more inflationary. In November the consumer price index (CPI and IPC in Spanish) closed with 0.32%, but in October, was 0.47%.
Since the beginning of the year the cumulative inflation is 6,38% and this time Oruro was the most expensive city (0.66%), while Potosí had a reduction in the prices of 0.04 per cent.
If the price of onions, beer, rent and lunch were the most expensive, on the other hand, the cost of the tomato presented a negative incidence of 0.07%; the meat of chicken (whole), which had a reduction of 0.02%; same as granulated sugar, which had a negative impact of 0.01 per cent.
It should be noted that according to Government estimates, inflation for this year must not exceed 7%.
In February, the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) amended the annual inflation of 4% to 6% as target; that had an effect of imported inflation, problems of production and supply of the internal market.
In this regard, the Millennium Foundation noted numbers provide by INE show an economy that is affected immediately by the variation in the prices of food, situation affecting more directly the lower-income sectors.
[An element to consider: road blockades do have an impact on market prices. it would be interesting to verify how this affected the case of Oruro.]
The wording of the regulation for the short law agreed upon between the Government and indigenous people does not prohibit economic activities within the indigenous territory and Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS), but all projects and enterprises shall be evaluated by the Ministry of the environment for their implementation on the basis of a technical standard.
[A government “imposition” vis-a-vis a Constitution that acknowledges 36 nations… with all their rights for self governance…]