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Feliz Navidad with Bolivian picana!!

La Prensa had the right idea to write about the Bolivian Christmas food that has survived the years; Wilson Aguilar writes and shares the photo:

To prepare a picana, the typical Christmas Bolivian dish, for six people costs between 200 and 250 bolivianos, as La Prensa was able to verify on a tour through La Paz markets on the basis of the price of the ingredients required.

Most of the budget of the typical dish is intended for the purchase of the variety of meats (chicken, beef, lamb and pork)

Only for the acquisition of these inputs, as a minimum, it is needed around Bs150 depending on the amount of meat you want to prepare.

For the purchase of the other ingredients the minimal expenditure is around Bs100.

Cost of ingredients. A market tour was arranged to verify the average price of the necessary inputs for the picana.

Two shop owners of retail sale of meat in Villa Fatima, Patricia Quispe and Rodolfo Huaqui, explained that prices had not increased.

– The kilogram of chicken is Bs13.50.

– Kilo beef is between Bs30 and Bs40.

– Beef and lamb (back) is priced between Bs30.

– The kilogram for pork is Bs28.

Other inputs, like tunta [dried white potato], carrot, potato, turnip, onion, parsley, corn and wine, as well as other condiments represent a minimum expenditure of Bs100.

For these reasons, a family of six members to enjoy the dish requires to allocate approximately Bs205.

Alternatives to the picana. The high cost of the picana was a reason for so many families to have decided to prepare other dishes on Christmas Eve, to adjust to their budget.

In a consultation with La Prensa, several people noted that unfortunately the prices of the products does not allow them to have access to the traditional picana.

“For us is very expensive to make a picana, so we decided to only make us a chicken baked with potatoes and rice,” said Celso Apaza. However, he also expressed that the important thing is to share the holidays in family, United and at peace, enjoying what they have.

Bs815 is the actual national minimum wage for workers in the country.

Secrets in the preparation of the picana. Mrs Matilda Arteaga explained that the preparation of this dish requires a few touches of wine and beer to give a special flavor.


May the Lord grant us Bolivians better days.