Daily Archives: December 11, 2011

Government’s self admiring club of friends…

Current Bolivian government will have a self admiring gathering between December 12 and 14. Most of the actors and stakeholders of Bolivian public policy will not be present unfortunately.

This cartoon was published  by La Razon, December 9, 2011. You can an annoyed and disgusted president, at a party where many of their “old-time” supporters and advocates, are no longer there, whereas because they were not invited or preferred not to come. This “party” outlines perfectly current government’s acceptance in Bolivian society.

This event labelled by government officials as the “first pluri-national encounter” has everything but been the melting  pot to approve and instruct changes in the way this government will attempt to rule during 2012. The Central Union of Workers (COB); the indigenous groups for the lowlands (CIDOB) and highlands (CONAMAQ) are not present, to say the least.

A reputable and coherent Susana Seleme Antelo, published today in El Deber an article about this issue (see link below for Spanish version). An excerpt follows:

“Workers [COB] warn that the Summit shall amend the law on protection of the TIPNIS, will impose a centralist educational law, will consolidate the destruction of the social security, shall restrict the dissenting voices through censorship to the media and will eliminate the fuel subsidy.”


As you can see, the mutual admiration club, organized by current government will take out of the hands of the National Assembly important issues like the ones mentioned in the above paragraph. If at least one of those issues are enforced, we will have witnessed the end of democracy, as it is no longer a disguised event to rule authoritatively.