Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Bolivia’s National School of Theater receives award!

El Deber every year gives awards to distinguished people and institutions, this year one of the recipients was the National School of Theater New Men (Escuela Nacional de Teatro Hombres Nuevos.)

Since its inception, in 2004, the training of professionals in acting and dramaturgy became a reality. Conceived and implemented by the actor, director and writer of theatre Marcos Malavia; with the help and support of the Hombres Nuevos Foundation, the Association pro art and culture and the Catholic University. In 2011, the theater national school has consolidated the continuity of its program to university degree level. It has 17 professionals specialized in arts; and a multiplier effect resulting in the generation of jobs, there is now continuous production by 13 casts and a permanent offer of plays.

Full Spanish article can be found in the link below, the next link lists all the winners for 2011.



In Bolivia we are beginning to recognize art; we may spend most of our lives trying to survive and/or cope with governments like current one…

Kudos for those Bolivians who didn’t dismay and are giving us culture!