Daily Archives: December 30, 2011

Can some humans learn from earlier mistakes?

This cartoon is from El Diario, December 29, 2011. It shows current Bolivian president trying to swim against the current of blockades that will more likely restart around mid January 2012.

It is assumed that humans, unlike other species, learn, adapt, evolve when confronted with reality. This political party in power is either a very slow learner or does not care at all and believes they have the inner knowledge and are appointed by a higher deity, so anything they do must be accepted by common mortals. Despite the increasing low acceptance of this government’s actions like raising the fuel prices and the TIPNIS march, they continue to go against all odds.

I could care less for such behavior, however these people are actually ruling my country and even if they were to resign this very minute. I believe Bolivia has step back at least fifty years. Not only in economic opportunities, as we could have consolidated our presence under the ATPDEA or the new Pacific Trade Treaty, but in terms oh how Bolivians feel and accept each other… again!

That means that our grandchildren at the very best would be able to sit next to each other and believe they are from the same country, that they have the same rights. This government is not even considering using the mestizo category for the incoming general census! How can they expect us to define ourselves or co-exist??!