Bolivian export figures, IBCE

Thanks to the work of the Bolivian Institute for Foreign Trade IBCE, there is a comparison of Bolivian exports by production groups; for the months January to October, for years 2008 to 2011. By volume in gross kilograms and by value in American dollars:

IBCE Electronic By-weekly Bulletin No. 85, December 5, 2011


The order in the first column (groups) is as follows:
Non traditional: Soy & derivatives; Wood and manufactures; Sunflower and derivatives; Leather & manufactures; Jewelry; Textile garments; Sugar, Alcohol and Derivatives; and Other Products.
Traditional: Oil / Gas & derivatives; and Minerals
The source if the information is the Statistics National Institute – INE.
It does not include re-exports nor personal effects.


– Minerals: Increased its exports by 50% from 2010 and 71 per cent from 2008. It was the second item that grew over the month of October 2011.


– Hydrocarbons: Exports increased by 34% compared to 2010, and only to 16% compared with 2008.


–  Soy and derivatives: their exports were extended by 67 billion dollars in October 2011, an additional 13% compared with 2010 and 21% with 2008.


– Leather: Exports grew 15 million dollars in 2010, 52% more to October 2011 and similar percentage over 2008. It was the fastest growing category.



– Sunflower and derivatives: fell by 37% from 2010, in terms of value $37 million.Compared with the 2008 fall is greater (- 54%).


– Clothing Textiles: Its sales fell from $46 million in 2010 to 31 million 2011 (- 33%).


– Sugar, Alcohol and derivatives: recorded 25 exported million, falling 72% from 2010 and 63% in 2008. It was the category that most descended by October 2011.
The full IBCE report can be found in this link:

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