MBA reengineered by Harvard Business School

Today I will share with you a broader topic, with the world-changing, businesses also have to look after professionals with skills that can cope effectively with this century’s demands. A new approach for those of us looking after a Masters in Business Administration.

Here is a paragraph from the article:

Learning by Doing: Harvard Reinvents the MBA

“The FIELD method includes three modules, which all revolve around ensuring students become “leaders who make a difference in the world.” The first module, “leadership,” uses team-building exercises and group projects to help students learn to consult, collaborate, and give and receive feedback. The second, “globalization,” matches each student with one of 140 companies in 11 countries to work on new products or services in an emerging market. Each student also travels to the company’s physical location for one week. Finally, in the “integrate” module, students are each given $8,000 to start a company, and their peers at HBS can vote for the business most deserving of more capital.”

For the full article please use this link:

For Bolivian entrepreneurs to continue to be inserting in this globalized world/market, we must be aware of this type of changes. No matter what current Bolivian government or next to come will do to us, we must remain competitive and updated!

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