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Bolivia and Peru resume fruit and vegetable exports

Fresh Plaza reports:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) announced on January 23 that the issuance of phytosanitary permits and border inspections for the exchange of agricultural products between Peru and Bolivia had been restored.

The National Agricultural Health Service of Peru (Senasa) asked its Bolivian counterpart, the National Agricultural Health and Agro-Food Safety Service (Senasag) not to impose restrictions due to internal pressures and without valid technical justification.

The positive results of this technical meeting will allow Peruvian producers to resume exports of potatoes, onions, and vegetables to the Bolivian market.

As a final agreement, the technical teams of Senasa Peru and Senasag Bolivia will meet next month to evaluate the technical observations made by Peru and to update the phytosanitary requirements requested by each country.

They also pledged to hold a technical meeting in Cobija-Bolivia in the second half of March to enable access to new agricultural products.