Is there a direct correlation between being THE coca grower leader and the cocaine “boom”?!

El Diario reports:

Narcotraffick grows in the Amazon region

• Task Force to Fight Drug Trafficking operations intensifies. The drug seized on Sunday at a ranch in Beni, came from Peru and was bound for Paraguay and Brazil. Peru remains in a state of emergency.

2014-10-15 10.45.53 amLaboratories, planes and cocaine were found by members of the Special Force against Drug Trafficking in raids in the Amazon region of Bolivia that is affected by the drug traffickers’ incursion.

The national director of the FELCN, Colonel Mario Centellas, said the intelligence allowed to seize a load of cocaine that surpassed the 102 kilos in the property “Two Brothers” in the Beni province of Santa Ana de Yacuma. At the event were arrested four people and seized a plane with Paraguayan license.

According to the police officer, it is confirmed that Bolivia is not without the presence of foreign drug traffickers who venture into the country for illicit activities. Meanwhile, in the Amazon region, in two Peruvian districts continue the emergency.

Not only drug trafficking is booming in our Bolivia, killings on the streets, money laundering and thousand f Bolivians immersed in consumption have sprouted over the last nine years. Current president of our country, first of all acknowledges he is the coca growers leader of the Chapare, and then president…

Need to say more? Corruption, lack of independent powers of the State, invasions to land and concessions, in sum: anarchy is taking over our country.

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