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La Prensa reports:



2014-10-20 08.56.42 amIn order to show discriminatory attitudes that are also a form of passive exercise violence, the group of muralists called Patunka Octubre will express these behaviors through their artwork. [picture was obtained when searching for “Bolivia discrimination pics”]

The exhibition will be inaugurated today at the Art Gallery of the Ministry of Culture (Ayacucho street corner Potosí), 19.30.

The exhibition will involve 27 artists great career as Javier Fernández, Zulma Barrientos, Consuelo Mendieta, Yenny Cahuana and Raymond Mendieta, among others.

15 days will be arranged the exhibition from today [10/20/2014] until Tuesday, November 4.


Discrimination, as a result of all the hatred current government has managed to deploy over the last nine years, has destroyed the sense of nationality. People who speak with a cruceño accent in the streets of La Paz are badmouthed to say the least.

2014-10-20 08.55.38 amReverse discrimination, rings a bell? Well the pictures shown here are a result of current discrimination exerted by ruling political party. The masismo has placed excessive control over journalism and freedom of speech. The other picture shows police brutality with indigenous people of the TIPNIS at Chaparina… and this government portrays itself as a defender of mother nature and indigenous people?! This government says its democratic in nature but its actions are there!

For a clearer description on Reverse discrimination, read this excerpt from FindLaw:

“The term reverse discrimination may sound complicated, but it boils down to a type of discrimination wherein the victims of discrimination are members of a majority or historically “advantaged” group. Often, reverse discrimination cases involve programs meant to advance or promote minorities and address inequality, such as affirmative action.

Because anti-discrimination laws were originally enacted to prevent discrimination against minorities and groups that were historically disadvantaged and denied opportunities in the workplace, there has sometimes existed a perception that members of majority groups are not protected by the same laws. As a result, the term “reverse discrimination” originated to describe these kinds of cases where members of a majority group are claiming they were discriminated against in favor of minorities or historically disadvantaged groups.

What is Reverse Discrimination?

Reverse discrimination is a claim that occurs when a member or members of a majority are discriminated against on the basis of a protected factor, such as race or gender. Common examples would include a Caucasian individual who is discriminated against in favor of a racial minority, or perhaps a man suing because a woman was given favorable treatment at work on account of her gender. While many diversity initiative programs (such as affirmative action) are generally designed to “level the playing field” in the workplace or educational settings, these programs may run the risk of breaking discrimination laws despite their historical justifications.”

– See more at: http://employment.findlaw.com/employment-discrimination/reverse-discrimination.html#sthash.8xuaoagv.dpuf

Given the nature of the populist/socialist coca grower leader, a recurrent discrimination goes to Bolivians who are white or more white than the average population.

In terms of finding jobs… let alone those like me who have university degrees and working experience with USA government and enterprises, we are simply ghosts… no one hires us.

We are accused of begin part of the “empire”… in the meantime the ruling party is surrounded by the best expression of ochlocracy and the results are evident!