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Use of used clothing is dangerous to your health and to our industry!

El Diario reports:

Use of used clothing is dangerous to the health

• A physician who specializes in dermatology warned that the use of used clothing can cause damage to the skin due to lack of adequate disinfection. Even these clothes could transmit Ebola virus.

2014-10-20 09.41.21 amThe use of used clothing can cause skin damage and health of citizens due to lack of care in the disinfection of clothing, said medical specialist in dermatology, Adolfo Castro, who also warned that they can carry different bacteria in which Ebola virus could be included. [these pics are result of my search “ropa usada Bolivia pics on the web]

He explained that these data could be detected in various consultations carried out by the public, the most affected resulting children and adolescents who have infections in the body such as armpits, forearms, behind the knees, between the buttocks and back of the neck or neck, by the contact of underwear or pants, blouses and jackets.

Also, in a journey made by this newspaper to the Feria 16 de July [like a vela market], it was evident that the used garments’ traders not only increased their sales price, but marketers do without now launderers and pressers therefore is offered in stall, selling secondhand clothes directly from the bundle, with the serious risk of containing various diseases.


What is striking is that people from all social classes do buy these garbage… for example Cumavi in Santa Cruz, you can buy a Lacoste wind-breaker for Bs10, a little over one dollar…

So, it does not only pose a threat to the health but to national clothing industry and legal imports… beware!