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In Santa Cruz, rio Los Negros is drying up

Leyla Mendieta reports for El Dia:

Pampa Grande Municipality

They report that Los Negros river is drying up

Department. In 12 municipalities there is lack of water. Emergency state is analyzed.

2014-10-19 10.27.43 amThe rio Los Negros [Black River], in the town Pampa Grande is drying. Villagers say the situation worsened in the past two weeks. The most affected are farmers and ranchers in the area. In addition, 12 municipalities in the department report water scarcity.

Difficulties in accessing water. The deputy mayor of Los Negros, Hilario Maira Cosio, explained that this river supplies water to 12 irrigation channels, each benefiting more than 100 farmers. “The potable water service has no problems. Affected are the producers and farmers who are losing their investments because the vegetables are being damaged. Moreover, our producers deliver vegetables to Santa Cruz, like the city will suffer if this situation continues” he said. Given that, he indicated that  will ask the Government to support with a supply of water tanks to the worst affected areas.

The situation in the 12 municipalities. According to data from the Santa Cruz Government, there are 12 municipalities affected by lack of water. “In the last hours water supply in several communities of Santa Cruz is already at risk. Heatwave is exacerbating the drought we had,” said Secretary of Public Safety, Enrique Bruno. The 12 municipalities most affected have already submitted their documentation for the declaration of emergency and to get support from the governor. In this regard, Bruno said the first action will be to send water to these municipalities.

It is being analyzed to declare a state of emergency. A committee of the Governor traveled to assess the situation in these municipalities and is awaiting its final report. In this regard, Bruno said that until Monday will be defined if departmental emergency is declared by the lack of water to meet the most affected municipalities.


And things will be worse as the slush and burn practice continues due to lack of better information by large and small farmers. On top of the illegal coca cep expansion, Bolivia is deforesting at an alarming rate and by the hand of an incompetent government, who over the last nine years wasted over $120 billion dollars. And none of them was set aside to mitigate and remediate this problem.