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Bolivian Chiquitania: The first archaeologist at technical level, graduate!

El Dia reports:


The first technical archaeologists graduated

2014-10-09 09.19.04 amThe Chiquitania already has its first professional archaeologists at the technical level, who were trained in the school, thanks to the Ministry of Education, supported by six municipalities of the Chiquitania and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation of the Embassy of Spain (AECID). The Ministry of Alternative and Special Education, validated the curriculum of the training process’ modules within the community social productive educational model (practice – theory – valuation – production) and is the body that grants licenses for basic, auxiliary and medium accreditation nationally, formed after 2,400 hours and meet the regulations, a theoretical and practical level, 20 young people between 16 and 25 were the ones who received the scholarships.