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300,000 hectares of deforested forest

Leyla Mendieta reports for El Dia:

A total of 4.6 million in other areas

300,000 hectares of deforested forest

Data. They warn that the expansion of the agricultural frontier by 2025, would have affected 10 million.

2014-10-04 11.18.34 amOf the 4,641,000 hectares deforested to date, approximately 370,621 will correspond to protected forests, as noted in a report by the Secretary of Environment from the Governorate of Santa Cruz. In addition, the document warns that to expand the agricultural frontier in the department would be reached in 2025, 10 million hectares deforested. These data were released today [10/01/2014] in commemoration of the World Forest Day.

Situation. the Environment Secretary of the Governorate, Manlio Roca lamented that deforestation reach areas that should be exempt. In the case of the forest reserve Guarayo, the total area of ​​1,005,526 hectares and by 2013 is already 25% deforested. In the case of the Chore Reserve, deforestation by 2010 has reached to 3,731 hectares. “Forests protect and secure water for the most important productive area of ​​Santa Cruz. Also contribute to groundwater recharge that nourish the water sources in the metropolitan area of Santa Cruz,” said Manlio. He also stressed that forests generate rainfall benefiting more than 24 agricultural municipalities, meaning 50-60% of the country’s food security.

Observed deforestation plans. The Forest and Land Authority (ABT) is carrying out a reforestation program that aims to plant 1,673,750 million plants in 2,678 hectares in five years. In this regard, Roca said this in hectares represent that in five years they would reforest 2,600 and therefore considered that these figures are dwarfed by the amount of deforestation in that same time, a total of five million hectares. “Trees in millions will seem much, but if we become reforested hectares is much less than the amount that is reforested. Regardless of the amount of resources that addresses to implement this plan at the national level,” he said.

Proposal to this problem. Manlio stressed that all state bodies, departmental and municipal should work in coordination to prevent further deforestation. He also emphasized that it must respect the capacity and use of land, which is already defined in a departmental plan.

Emphasize reforestation in Ecological Cord. The Environment Secretary mayor of Santa Cruz, Michelle Lawrence, highlighted progress in the reforestation plan of the Ecological Cord, reaching the 9.29 hectares in ecological areas like Pirai River and Curichi la Madre, that, surpassing the target set for the period 2014, consisting of 5 hectares.