Beni’s flooding HAS a guilty party in Brazil

An Editorial from El Diario:

Dams in Brazil and serious damage to Beni

El Diario logoThe problems that have caused the waters of the Brazilian dams to Beni and other sites in eastern Bolivia, are large; Beni governor would have  made the resulting claims , but in any case, is the national government that should do because it is state to state what must be explained with sufficient clarity and order, so that somehow damage is repaired.

The seriousness of this situation is that the governments of Brazil who built these dams have not taken into account the immense damage that can result during rainy seasons, as it has happened in this time. Damages incurred in Beni are substantial and, to that department [current Bolivian gov] have not declared a disaster area, so it was not possible to channel international aid to cushion the misfortunes suffered. [nor alert the international community of this treacherous Brazilian intervention]

It is important and necessary that the [Bolivia] Government and the resulting claims, especially, in anticipation of the future, to the Brazilian authorities, to have the necessary corrective measures to prevent water retained in dams cause misfortunes suffered in Bolivian soil and with certainty, have also suffered some Brazilian populations.

It is very sensitive, with a view to development and progress in some areas, the construction of major works such as dams, causing immense damage to the people and that the calculations made before construction and during the making of it, not has been technically established destructive derivations that have hosted water in these dams and totaling billions of cubic meters but are calculated to provide important services to agriculture and meet other objectives, also cause immense damage to left as wastelands large areas that take long to disappear and, for the most part determine desertification of thousands of hectares, in which thousands of cattle grazed and were settled populations of settlers and farmers.

There is an indisputable truth: when works projects are designed in the [international] border or very close to these areas, would be right to have a dialogue between the authorities in time to predict the potential negative impacts that may occur. In the case of dams, the builders of them have only seen their emergency needs and no matter what might happen in the neighboring country, like Bolivia. It is unfortunate that there is lack of foresight, solidarity and understanding between nations, it is understood, that countries are linked by solid friendship condition.

The Government, apart from making the relevant claims to Brazil, should dump all its ability and support to help reduce the suffering of the people in Beni, who continue to suffer inclement rains and overflow of Brazilian dams.

Current Bolivian government, so-called defender of mother nature, has done nothing but to embark in a political vendetta for the Beni population who consistently voted them out.

Sustainable development theory and experience worldwide, has assessed the following over the years: dams are not a solution, but a recurring problem, thus other alternatives hold be considered.

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