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Bolivian lowlands flooded with cocaine

A good Editorial from El Diario:

Flood of cocaine in the eastern region

El Diario logoThe many discoveries of cocaine factories and traffickers of that dangerous drug in various parts of the East, has shown that the country was not only invaded and inundated by water during the last rainy season, but is now practically flooded with the drug from the coca leaf.

Indeed, every day they are caught trafficking groups who were seized not an ounce of cocaine and marijuana, but kilos and tons of these drugs, that were ready for export both to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and, to some extent, come from Peruvian regions. It was revealed that in the last three months, the seizures of cocaine hydrochloride paste came to about 10 tons. [which means that at least three times that quantity made it thru]

The chain of cocaine seizures is causing real shock and dismay among the population as never before had seen acts of this magnitude and nature. It has been the case that now the cocaine “ice” is discovered, considered the most dangerous in the world, the same that was hidden in a sports shop in the city center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and was found by the FELCN.

In connection with the recent discovery of the drug “ice”, authorities have reported that this is a product of complex chemical formula, known as methamphetamine, which immediately produces the same sense of well being, hyperactivity, and other damage which lasts up to twelve hours, but ultimately addictive and that in cases of excessive consumption causes the death of the consumer or leaves a serious somatic injury effect. Also known as crital, metho, ice or chalk.

In recent months there has been effective efforts by the FELCN to discover cocaine and marijuana trafficking in various places in Santa Cruz, while some airplanes bound to neighboring countries and Europe were seized. Were also discovered many “factories” that stepped coca leafs for cocaine extraction. Actually, it would be an activity aimed at combating trade and consumption of the product, which revealed that they would be producing an offensive against drug trafficking.

However, while FELCN dedicates its efforts to the trade and consumption of cocaine and other drugs, does little to combat the production of these products, which otherwise determines the marketing and consumption of drugs.

It is stated that the main reason that causes the drug trade is in production and not as erroneously considered backwards, so it’s consumption that determines production. Hence, if the matter is not focused in this way, i.e. avoiding feedstock production and industrialization, it is very unlikely that the eastern regions of the country not only cease to be invaded by the waters of the rainy season, but the real drug torrents that otherwise have acquired permanent temporality.


We, Bolivians, consider ourselves as been pacific and easy going. So, it is really shocking to witness on a daily basis, murderers and assassinations out in public without the least hint of remorse… drug trafficking, smuggling, corruption is what the government of the coca-grower leader is leaving behind. This week, there was a report that Swiss banking executives have come to country to explore/capture the fortunes of at least 250 new “millionaires”… where did that money came/originated from?!