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Bolivian gov’s promises regarding our natural gas are blunt out lies

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

The gas that we do not have

Humberto VacaflorPresident Evo Morales just said that some Central American countries would be interested in buying Bolivian natural gas.

A few days earlier, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera had said that he was making the trip on board of the vice-presidential plane for Europe, to offer Bolivian gas in that continent.

Here’s a serious information flaw. Maybe it’s because YPFB is adulterating the production figures for the electoral emergency campaign. That is, the president and vice president have forgotten to asked YPFB to lie about gas production and are speculating on their own lies.

Bolivia currently records a serious shortfall in natural gas.

According to official figures, Bolivia produces 62 million m3/d of gas, but in view of selling 32.4 million to Brazil and must deliver 27.7 million m3/day to Argentina, totaling 60.1 million m3/d, so there is no surplus for export to other places.

Without taking into account these figures, the government says domestic consumption absorbs 10 million m3/d, but does not include the 10 million that requires Mutún [iron mine site] and 6 million demanded by the cement industry.

An accountant, or anyone who could add and subtract, would say that the accounts do not match.

It is true that exports to Argentina not yet added 27.7 million m3/d because that country does not finish building an internal pipeline, limiting exports to 17 million m3/d.

When Argentina constructs the pipeline that is needed, the export should be standardized. But Argentina does not end the pipeline because is not confident that Bolivia has sufficient capacity to fill it.

Despite all the political sympathies, the Kirchner of Argentina do not trust the Bolivia of Evo Morales, at least as president of a country’s natural gas provider. So strong is the distrust that Argentina would rather pay $18 per million BTU of natural gas imported as LNG to wait for the Bolivian gas that would cost $10.

Argentina broke its gas exports to Chile because, according to its laws, the priority is the domestic demand.

If this principle is applied in Bolivia, exports to Brazil and Argentina should be reduced by at least 16 million m3/d.

When the electoral campaign would have passed, it is likely that the Bolivian government would admit that was lying about the gas.



And so does this ochlocracy, misleading information, lying about the wrongdoings… all in favor to perpetuate themselves in power, what a waste of the best economic time in our history!