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More about the political scams under Bolivia’s current gov

Susana Seleme writes in El Deber:

More about political scams

Susana SelemeThe head of the regime, Evo Morales believes that the empowerment of some popular sectors, plus wealth distribution via bonds – without creating productive and stable social coverage – is sufficient presentation letter to appear as a Democrat. He does not mind that much of these sectors have lost their class identity, after being co-opted by clientelistic practices in exchange for submission.

Nor is it sufficient for him to qualify himself as democrat simply because he resorts to voting, transformed into an electioneering mechanism of reproduction of power without time limits. For the 2014 elections, he has already mounted the map of fraud: the single-member districts and cities will lose representatives in the Legislature in favor of rural areas, with less than 40% of the total population, but those who sympathize with the ruling party, aside of granting privilege to the territorial concept over the number of inhabitants.

He and his people relegated the rule of law, as soon as he started his term in 2006. So they relegated separation of powers and prostituted the administration of justice; they undermined the respect for human rights, political pluralism, freedom of expression and dissent in democracy, just to quote some realities that speak openly of the political scam. It is, in fact, the continuity of a Stalinist regime, corporate-coca grower-mining-corrupt-smuggler, and a syndicate of senior military commanders, subsumed to the regime, on whose behalf suppresses their subordinates and their families. With a new mestizo and white elite rather than indigenous, new hillbillies that sprouted out of influence peddling and extortion, Morales has turned a blind eye to the rampant drug trade, thanks to the illegal coca crops, of which he is the union boss.

Impostors finally despise democratic debates, even if they convene bland meetings and dialogues on maritime claim and its presentation in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The issue is tinged with demagoguery and opportunistic diplomacy, it has become an electoral flag, as the G-77 + China. How to get out of this political fraud in the upcoming October elections? Not an impossible task, if 34% of the electorate would vote for a single opposition candidate, compared to 38% of the official millionaire binomial election campaign of the eight years. To defeat the political scam of Morales is possible with the unity of the opposition, that one who knows who the principal enemy of democracy is.