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Sexual harassment and misogyny under the lead of Bolivian politicians

Two of the most voted Bolivian politicians have pending issues for their inappropriate, rude and contemptuous arrogance actions against women. There were misogyny remarks from current president of the State and for sexual harassment of the Mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Lot was said and reported on both cases, today I will just focus on the latter.

From The Washington Post – The Americas report, follows:

Bolivia mayor apologizes for grabbing woman on TV

2014-05-08 11.42.03 am

By Associated Press, Published: May 6

LA PAZ, Bolivia — The mayor of Bolivia’s largest city has had to make a televised apology after grabbing the thigh of a woman during a broadcast event.

Santa Cruz Mayor Percy Fernandez appeared on television Monday night to express “anguish for this mess that’s been created.” He said he had not intended to offend journalist Mercedes Guzman, “nor have I done so.” He did not specifically apologize for touching her.

Television images show Guzman holding a microphone in one hand and struggling to lift the mayor’s hand from her thigh with the other during a public appearance last week.

Several legislators, journalists’ organizations and women’s rights activists denounced the 75-year-old mayor and Guzman’s husband Marco Antonio Espindola threatened to bring a legal complaint if the mayor did not apologize.

“Even the schoolmates of my son in primary school heard about this event and my adolescent son had to put up with uncomfortable questions at his school,” Espindola said. “It shamed my family.”

The blunt-spoken Fernandez has run into controversy before for his treatment of women. In 2012, he was filmed running his hands over the bottom of a female legislator at a ceremony. At another event, he planted a lengthy kiss on a seemingly unwilling female engineer.

While Guzman’s family has not presented a criminal complaint, opposition legislator Marcela Revollo Fernandez on Monday filed a complaint in the nation’s capital, La Paz, accusing the mayor of sexual harassment, sexual violence and discrimination,” charges that potentially would lead to as many as four years in prison.

Fernandez has been mayor of the city of more than 1 million several times and has lately supported President Evo Morales, who in February called him the country’s best mayor.

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Bolivian society has just had it! So both politicians must refrain and watch their words/hands from now on. The following cartoons also display our contempt:

2014-05-06 08.26.46 amThis is from El Diario, May 6, 2014:

Some of the signs read: “General Opinion”

“Exemplary punishment”

“Respect to ladies mothers”

“down with the abuse of power”

2014-05-06 08.33.00 amThis one is from El Dia, May 8, 2014:

It shows the Mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra with a sign:

“approach at your own risk”



2014-05-06 08.53.45 amThis one is from La Razon, May 8, 2014:

The Mayor of Santa Cruz, his “abilities” and his “age” …



2014-05-06 08.54.00 amThis is from Los Tiempos, May 8, 2014:

Man: “I have read that there are some people who want to prosecute Don Percy for him not being able to control some impulses, Avernoy. To which I believe is an injustice. Not for what was done, which is reproachable. But because there were other authorities who have damaged the dignity of the ladies with poor-taste jokes and have only been subject to jokes and applauses.”

Avernoy: “When will you buddy learn that is not the same to be the captain than the sailor?”

Kid: “When there ‘will be’ sea, right, Daddy”

Dog: “Haya, kid, Haya” [playing with the words and meaning, in reference of The Hague, The Netherlands, where Bolivia has submitted a claim to recover our sea coast. And the word “will be” as pronounced wrongly, as ‘haiga’ instead of ‘haya’ which is similar with Hague in Spanish]