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Usurpation and tyranny

Susana Seleme writes in El Deber:

Usurpation and tyranny

Susana SelemeThe ‘Bolivarian’ regimes seem to know the address of Simon Bolivar at the Congress of Angostura: “Nothing is as dangerous as letting stay the same citizen on power for a long time. The people become accustomed to obey and he gets used to command them; that is where the usurpation and tyranny originates” (February 15, 1819).

Shortly after serving two centuries, the quote becomes relevant because in these countries, their governments have imposed a repressive autocratic populism, a democratic mask with which vetoes the rule of law. Are ‘vetocracies’ banishing the separation of powers, they block and veto the democratic political rivals. Here’s the Bolivia of Evo Morales, which have co-opted the political economic space, the administration of justice and to the Electoral Authority to remain in power indefinitely. As noted by the Liberator, are signs of tyrannical usurpation.

Facts made reality, of those dangers the Rózsa case arises, called terrorism – separatism, political plot against autonomy led from eastern Bolivia. Was the catchphrase to justify the fear of Morales and company autonomy, which never intended to divide the country, but the centralized political power. His first victim was Leopoldo Fernandez, then prefect of Pando, a slaughter mounted by the regime (09/09/2008). Then came the Rózsa case, the name of the alleged ringleader from Hungarian – Bolivian origin, foully murdered as well as two strangers in a Santa Cruz hotel (04/16/2009). Degradation techniques used to attack and destroy the opposition in Santa Cruz, which was then shabby. Similar to those described by the ‘vice’ [VP] strategies to destroy K’ara domination (white-mestizo), but says it was written by a student of his: ” … humbled, undervalued, mistreated financially … take their social and cultural references, is the best way to kill your soul.”

That the former prosecutor fled the Rózsa case, today is accused for being an extortionist, Marcelo Soza, who claims from the comfort of his refugee status in Brazil, that everything was put together by the brother of the ‘vice’, Raúl García Linera and other officers, which does not release from his fault. In addition, we knew and we remind you that the ‘obedience’ is no excuse for violating the right to life, fair trial, due process and the presumption of innocence of 39 defendants, nine prisoners and others persecuted in exile. None of them have killed a soul, which is not the “coca leaf,” the last intellectual electioneering-invention of the ‘vice’.