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Smuggled junk vehicles, demagogue… sounds familiar? Just current gov’s “accomplishments”

An Editorial from El Deber:

Undocumented vehicles

El Deber logoAccording to the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH), in the country there are circulating 12,000 undocumented vehicles, but according to the National Customs agency, there are only 500. These data show, first, a huge margin of discrepancy between two State offices, which could be very serious if it would also happen in other areas and for other issues.

It is likely that this discrepancy originates from the fact that the ANH considers statistics on fuel consumption in the country, which surely takes a very precise control. It is also likely that the National Customs figure is lower, because they have not registered the number of vehicles that entered last year, perhaps illegally. If you entered the country that way, of course, did outwitting Customs, i.e. evading the payment of taxes, in addition to escape the statistics.

What is known, and the subject of reports and articles, is that the entry of undocumented vehicles, of carriers across the country is known by the name of ‘chutes’ [Bolivian slang that means it has no papers, thus illegally smuggled], has not ceased. The Government has announced that there will never be another amnesty for legalization of such vehicles, which has not stopped the flow of income from all types of motorized from Chile. The National Customs reported having more of a coordination agreement with their counterparts in neighboring countries, but now it may be appropriate to seek the cooperation of the Chilean Customs.

While these contradictions and given examples of the ineffectiveness of state offices, new measures are advertised to take place, to limit the sale of fuel to those legally imported vehicles. A surprise inspection of the tanks of vehicles that use natural gas, which must be fulfilled in very short time, threatens to cause enormous damage to the citizens and the economy.

It was announced two years ago the import of special equipment, with cameras monitoring the suppliers that sell fuel, but is not known they have used it. Using these devices, which were purchased in very large amounts of money, would solve many problems, starting with how many vehicles use fuel. Some degree of seriousness and professionalism would be very appropriate for the management of these areas to avoid, at least, the enormous contradictions that are occurring in the figures that are supposed to serve the state to implement its policies.

Editorial Board : Pedro Rivero F. Jordan , Juan Carlos Rivero Jordan Tuffi Aré Vazquez Lupe Cajías Agustin Saavedra Weise and Percy Áñez Rivero.