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Under Bolivia’s current gov: Absence of state and the assault to institutionality

Susana Seleme writes in El Dia:

Absence of state and the assault to institutionality

Susana Seleme1. What analysis can be made on the conflict with the low-ranking military?

The unprecedented insubordination of sergeants and non commissioned officers of the armed forces, with massive marches in the capital, and other small demonstrations in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, seems to sharpen the “wrong time” that is going through this regime. Their leader, Evo Morales, backed by his fellow soldiers, was the first to break the military institutions by imposing an alien “Patria o Muerte” [fatherland or death is shouted in socialist Cuba] and wiphala [flag that is said to represent the indigenous people of LA]. Has demoted [the armed forces] as an instrument like its social movements. Amen to have violated all the democratic institutions of the country, causing an absence of state results in this military insubordination of non commissioned officers and sergeants, and other socio-economic entities: the coca growers and the cooperative miners, for example. All the government is mired in corruption, lack of transparency and justice subordination of the executive branch, that aimed at the most serious sociopolitical breakdown of democratic history.

2. Do you believe adequate, the repressive response as appropriate by the Executive power, demoting 715 non commissioned officers and sergeants, so far, threatening and blackmailing their wives who were on a hunger strike?

First of all, I think their demands are fair, as they were never heard through the regular channels, when in fact they are elementary demands to improve their housing conditions and allow opportunities for access to higher education in the three branches of the armed forces. What could these studies affect the hierarchy and the superiority of senior management? In anything.

If the conflict is now over one week [4/27/2014], it shows that the High Command has lost authority, which is the privileged sector of the regime’s patronage and sinecures, Minister Ruben Saavedra has also lost authority, who signed the first memorandum of dismissal. Follow dismissing, and may reach 1,000 individuals, the ones who are in direct contact with the troops, is a desperate act, that exposes once again the repressive nature of the regime. Is their brand: those that do not abide by their orders, are discredited with lies and blackmail, accused criminals, treason, neoliberal, and in this case, they have even delved and released to the media the private life of some of them. What a felony! And then represses them covered by his power, covering the entire state apparatus, added to social movements, including the Armed Forces with military power and hence the monopoly on the use of force.

3. Sergeants and NCOs [non commissioned officers] asked to speak with President Morales, who so far has not acted on the conflict. What do you think?

As usual, Morales expected to sharpen the conflict more or let it rot, remember Huanuni, Uncía, Caranavi, just to quote some, all deaths, wounded and bruised. My opinion is that when you deign to listen to sergeants and non commissioned officers, whether listening, stress will be gone and do not think they are winners, but Morales appears as always, beyond good and evil. Will revert to their positions, which is now a requirement, especially those related to Morales’ Ponchos Rojos, more violent than peaceful from the Andean province Omasuyos, are they the Aymara armed militia in La Paz? Many of their children are among the discharged. You can not anticipate an outcome, but Morales had already questioned the protesters and strikers and called for “absolute discipline” in the military. Bad omen for them.

4. On another note, why is there no State office that agrees to start an investigation into the allegations involving the vice president? Some people believe that they respond to infighting within the MAS.

All indications are that the Vice is protected by a venal administration of justice, subordinated to political power, of which he is a key player. Just as the anti-corruption minister, the comptroller general, the high command of the armed forces and the police, all legislative and government in full. Hence the socio-political decay that undermines social cohesion, governance, democratic institutions, in short, undermines the rule of law. Why does it not prosper any action against García Linera, who has the luxury of going to wander around Europe – ‘supposedly’ giving talks – but left out of the political and media landscape. That is what the State silver [money] is good for, which was used as his own. Along those lines, also the announcement that Sacha Llorenti can be included in the case Chaparina repression to the Indians of the East, will not move forward. “There is honor among thieves,” says the proverb, which does not exclude internal power struggles.


AS of today, May 6, 2014, over 80% of the “expelled” army personnel, are reinstated; so it did not matter the president’s “warning” or earlier instruction from the higher command… One could say, just in time to meet the two major boondoggles of this coca-grower ochlocracy: the G77+China gathering and upcoming presidential illegitimate re-re-election.