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Bolivian government cannot rule in Yapacani, thanks to cocaine and anarchy!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

The withdrawal from Yapacani

Humberto VacaflorIt is probable that the FARC have come to control Colombian territory with the same method now used by narco traffickers in Bolivia, gradually forcing the State to give up, to withdraw from large areas. The Government was just forced to withdraw its project of installing Umopar barracks [anti narcotics police force] in Yapacani, in the “epicenter of drug trafficking,” as defined by Government Minister Carlos Romero. Neighbors opposed the project and the Government claimed that the complaining neighbors were promoted by the Brazilian and Colombian mafias. As said by the Vice Minister Felipe Caceres on April 3, 2014. Romero even claimed that the issue was not negotiable and that the government would fulfill its purpose anyway.

The duel prompted to rent balconies and expect: the Bolivian government faced the groups managed by drug trafficking. No running bets, at least in sight, but the situation was tense. It was when lobbyists from Yapacani showed they know how to play political chess. Government responded with a message that amounts to a slap. As Don Corleone, they made ​​a devastating counter offer: they said that instead of installing more Umopar headquarters, the State would have to implement the policy of ‘zero coca’ in the Chapare. The shot hit the jugular of the policies of President Evo Morales. He has come to where he is now, by applying the formula for the rejection of the proposal for zero coca in Chapare. The blow was devastating. Then, the Morales government ordered the withdrawal from Yapacani in the war against drug trafficking.

The Bolivian state declines to exercise sovereignty over a territory between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. Perhaps it can be said that while the Bolivian state has lost control of large parts of the country in that area, starting in the Chapare, a center of illegal activities that led their leader rise to the presidency. If lobbyists controlled by Brazilian and Colombian mafias are able to push back the Bolivian State, what is the difference in this situation that occurs in Colombia and the FARC controlled areas? How much more territory will the Government want to cede in this war?