The so-called socialists of the 21st century are nothing but tyrants!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Over and out

Humberto VacaflorA recent study on the “Arab Spring” prepared by Stimson, under the direction of Ellen Laipson, says the deposed tyrants had long been in power who acted like kings and neglected the details of governing. Moreover, to reach this overthrow, it was made by the weariness of the people, with the decisive help of social networking sites.

Anxieties and murderous attitudes in Venezuela by Nicolás Maduro confirmed that regimes that sought to be called “socialism of the XXI century” ended up being similar to Arab tyrannies and are now being withdrawn.

Enthralled with skyrocketing commodity prices that touched them in the wheel of fortune, believed philanthropy was to govern people’s money. Before Hugo Chavez came to power, the price of oil was $9 a barrel and then climbed to $150. Had money to finance his coronation as emperor, or creating his own church, which was about to accomplish.

The same temptation had Kirchner in Argentina and Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in addition to Ecuador. In Bolivia, a museum being built in Orinoca to worship the place where the coca Messiah was born.

But they have forgotten the rule, as had happened to those who were swept by the “Arab Spring.” The economic management of Chavez in Venezuela is a disaster, perhaps worse than the collapse of the politics of Kirchner in Argentina and worrying management signs of Correa in Ecuador .

In Bolivia, MAS applies the “goni” [former liberal government] concept of “export or die” because it has found out that without the money from its expensive exports its project is finished. It is exporting greater volumes of gas to Brazil, for which he must deny it to Bolivian companies. His fight against drug trafficking is limited to catch a few shipments, knowing that the money given to many Bolivians, makes them feel bonanzas and “living well”. The system applied in the allocation of resources for public investments is corrupt and inefficient. The crisis is near.

The Arabs proved it and now Maduro does: to put the army against the people lasts a few days, but eventually tyrants have to capitulate.

Excellent analysis by Humberto Vacaflor!

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