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Bolivia and The collapse of the symbols…

Carlos Toranzo writes in Pagina Siete:

The collapse of the symbols

Carlos ToranzoIn his speech to come to power, the MAS used the idea of ​​being better than all the previous political system, which was part – that was beyond him as the bearer of messages and new moral ethical behavior.

Evo Morales criticized, not without reason, the previous corruption system, cornered the “neoliberal” parties, accusing them of corruption. Today, knowing the cases of Sanabria, Ormachea, and Soza, and it is clear that they can not talk about ethics, the “neoliberal” were nothing compared to MAS on corruption.

The MAS, together with its social movements and some of its addicted NGOs, said that the change process had been immersed in ethical messages and, above all, that would be an example of ethical actions when they manage the power, but how soon fell that, collapsed with Santos Ramirez and shady dealings of YPFB, which continue to this complacent silence before the official responsible for ensuring transparency.

Extortion is a state policy that was used to destroy the opposition, but, paradoxically, its main result was to clarify that the MAS has more voracious corruption than the immediate past, the “neoliberal” MAS were boy-scouts versus this Masista State that was founded on corruption.

Soon the Teran family, that of coca ancestry, militancy and activism on behalf of MAS, sank into the swamp of corruption in connection with drug trafficking. The latter is also a mark of the regime, because of the great freedoms that the coca growers government, i.e., one of the links in the illegal business.

Corruption became so deep that ate DIGCOIN without anything done on justice. Why do it if that would be against government policy? Where the coca that was administered by that institution was diverted? Indifference to excess coca involves admitting corruption permissiveness that acts on the attack coca-cocaine circuit is expression of corruption, widespread smuggling involves the same.

Social movements in power have shown signs of greed in the use of state administration and given several signs of falling into corruption, corporations are favored by the state, here there is reciprocity. The government simply does not judge their illegal actions because those social movements are supporting it.

The MAS born unionism emerges from the unions, especially the coca unions, was formed with the help of Filemon Escobar, in the style of the mining union, with its corporate idea of ​​politics, with their dreams of economic statism, virulence of anti-imperialist discourse of the miners.

This match only at the last minute and its leader jumped on the bandwagon of defending indigenous peoples, of this political model emerged the MAS. This discourse of legitimation emitted from power has attracted attention outside the country and has attracted love from bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The MAS has been presented as the ultimate defender of Mother Earth, as jealous guardian of the environment.

But what are the realities: the TIPNIS conflict has demonstrated starkly that one thing was the speech in favor of the indigenous, but other are the actions and state politics, as this is disrespectful and showed repression against the indigenous people.

In the present, not only attacks the indigenous lowland people, but the government also represses the Conamaq. It was stripped-out that indigenism was false, because what is needed is the idea of the coca union and management of power. And the defense of Mother Earth? Again: a discourse of legitimation in a reality in which the extractive developmentalism is imposed, which has no respect for the environment. The model developed by the government is not friendly with the environment or with the indigenous.

Where is the defense of ethics and ethical actions of the state and the state administration ? Where is the fight against corruption? Where are the ethical actions of social movements that manage plots of power? Where is the respect for the indigenous? Where is the cult of Mother Earth? Simply do not exist. The MAS has torn-down those symbols that offered to respect.

In this 2014, this Government is closer to Sanabria, of Ormachea, Soza and therefore walked too much away of the values ​​that said they would defend.

Carlos Toranzo Roca is an economist.