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Bolivia needs to modernize its sugar cane production system!

El Deber reports:

One expert suggests modernizing cane production system

In the production area, the sugarcane sector warns that excess moisture will delay the harvest and affect production.

2014-03-14 10.06.11 amAs part of a workshop organized by the commercial agricultural inputs and products Mainter, a Cuban expert in agronomic management of sugarcane, Juan Carlos Amor, suggested to Santa Cruz and national sugar sector to reform the traditional production system and focus on technology transfer and supply, present in the global market to improve yields and enhance production.

According to Amor, Bolivia has great productive potential, which is not being utilized efficiently by the lack of access to genetic materials and agricultural products that contribute to enhancing soil fertility and yields.

In the opinion of the expert, the country should aim to exceed the 140,000 hectares of sugarcane currently produced to compete with neighboring regions and cornering a major share of the domestic demand.

Productive scope

In the event, the sugarcane sector sources indicated that excess moisture by the rains puddled production fields in the municipalities of Minero and Fernández Alonso, which infers a delay in harvest until late May.

Indicated that although the area planted increased from 142,000 to 155,000 hectares this year, he warned about a 10% decline in production by climatic events.


Bolivia needs clear, competitive public policies to boost sector like this one and the private sector needs to invest accordingly.