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The urge to remain in power by the socialists…

Susana Seleme writes in El Deber:

‘Magic Re-electionisms’

Susana SelemeStudies point to the electoral political issue resorting to the presidents ‘magic re-electionism’ , referring to what writers called ‘Latin American magical realism’ of the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century. These leaders have the seal of authoritarian, charismatic, populist leaders, demagogues, dictators coated as democrats who want to stay in power forever. Some resort to constitutional reforms as in Nicaragua, where the ‘indefinite reelection’ of Daniel Ortega, the abuser, perpetuating in power, supported by the landowner’s class and its political elites.

In Bolivia, the autocrat Evo Morales appealed, first, to ‘surround maneuvers’, the ‘vice’ dixit. Ran in 2009 and had led to believe that if the political opposition approved the election a year before the end of the current term, that would be counted as the first presidency of Morales -2006/2010-. So nothing, the opposition was “maneuvered” and there was election in 2009, and with the new Constitution and with a new Plurinational State buried the Republic of Bolivia. That agreement passed away as well as the four years of presidency of Morales, 2006/2009, were not counted as a first-term, but as part of the old neoliberal state, therefore it was not accounted for! That really was a move out of an evil magic that allowed current reelection and third candidacy of Morales. There’s more: to continue winning elections, no longer need 50% +1 vote, but 40%. Only if the second most voted is less than 10 points difference from the 40%, there will be second round. But if the math does not contain Morales to win in October 2014, and perpetuate certainly until 2025, the bicentennial with a decree of indefinite re -election. By then, they would be 20 years in power.

If the democratic political opposition, which is not all opposition, chooses not democratic unity and not perceive the danger of the Morales re-re-election, the effects will be devastating to the democratic rule of law. More serious than we lived dangerously in the previous eight years as the imprint that identifies State Government which are not the same; government with the ruling party and its interests, the people and the masses with that party as representing the entire population; manipulated masses that identify with the leader and elevate it to the status of national savior. That’s the story of all known totalitarianism: the magic of lifelong deception.


NOT only has this coca-grower ochlocracy is wasting our best economic years but has also allowed anarchy to set grounds across our nation. Smuggling activities and narcotraffick along with corruption, political persecution, lack of fair justice and property ownership are choking our society!