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Bolivia needs to stop anarchical encroachments!

Marcelo Campos reports for El Dia:

The affected marched to the prosecutor’s office

They ask to enforce the law against encroachments

Manifestation. Judge released two alleged ringleaders of the ‘encroachers’. CADEPIA calls to evict encroachers of 10 hectares.

2014-03-28 02.00.05 pmThe Association of Productive Agricultural Premises (ASPA) and the Departmental Chamber of Small Industry and Handicrafts (CADEPIA), held yesterday afternoon [3/24/14] a demonstration so that the eviction orders were given for  the invaded grounds. Similarly, producers claimed that two alleged ringleaders of the overpowering groups were released.

That the law is enforced. Jorge Zambrana, President of ASPA, said a total of 40 properties trampled in the department, about 15 rural properties have eviction order, but these are not effective neither by the police nor by the authorities. He also noted that one of the ringleaders was released, Wilfredo Llampa Cayola sent to Palmasola in November last year. “Whether it costs so much to lock up the encroachers, and now the judges are letting them out. Not fulfilling the law against encroachments and land traffic, so we express [our rage and frustration] in the Palace of Justice and the Prosecutor against these abuses,” said Zambrana at the time he indicated that the demonstrations will continue until the eviction of the invaded land takes place.

Meanwhile, Felix Nicasio, CADEPIA president said that since last year have an order for eviction over 10 hectares near the Industrial Park, without having any positive response. According to Nicasio, these lands belong to more than 200 producers.

“There is a decision of the Supreme Court and the Second Criminal Chamber to get the encroachers out and so far is not effective. Hopefully the commander will listen and execute the eviction, in any case we continue to be mobilized,” said CADEPIA’s President.

The penalty provided by law against encroachments is three to eight years for “encroachment”.