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Worst Bolivia-Brazil diplomatic/commercial relations… ever!

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

Bolivia-Brasil, asylees in the freezer

Humberto VacaflorA year ago, relations with Brazil are reduced to the sale of natural gas. 

And Bolivian political refugees arriving in the country. 

Besides the 500 Pando refugees who fled when the department was taken by force, there is now in that country, as refugees, a judge, a prosecutor and a senator. 

Upon arriving at the asylum, they have all said that in Bolivia there are no democratic freedoms. The prosecutor Marcelo Soza said in a letter he intends to return to his country “when the rule of law is restored.” 

The arrival of Soza acted as the straw that breaks the camel for some Brazilian parliamentarians that have stated that in Bolivia there is only a “sham democracy”. 

In the past year, at least four senior officials of the Brazilian embassy were questioned by the Bolivian government, until they were withdrawn. 

The internal crisis in Brazilian politics, with visible disagreements between Planalto, parliament and Itamaraty, has covered these encounters with Bolivia.

The Ambassador Jerjes Justianiano’s stay in Brasilia, does not reveal a normal relationship, reveals ignorance of the Bolivian government on the rules of diplomacy. 

What is not said is that the relations of the two countries got tough because Brazilian stricter requirements of coca and drug trafficking in Bolivia’s territory.

Brazilian polite requests to participate in the eradication of coca and fight against drug traffickers were answered with gestures of annoyance by the Bolivian government.

The proximity of the World Cup [soccer] and the FIFA requirements for the nests of insecurity are the favelas where cocaine rules, came to sour the relations between two governments that were said to be allies. 

Because, in fact, apart from the asylees and gas, which they receive from Bolivia, Brazil gets tons of cocaine, with loads that originate also in other countries but using the Bolivian territory as a guaranteed pathway. 

Mrs. Rouseff knows that the Brazilian electorate is unwilling to reward a rapprochement with the government of Evo Morales. 

There had never been much ice in the relations of the two countries, including the Amazon.