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Beni disaster: Dams in Brazil caused overflowing rivers!!

From El Diario:

Dams in Brazil caused overflowing rivers in the country

2014-02-28 08.54.19 amAs reported before by El Diario, the League of Environmental Defense says there were alteration of hydrology in the Bolivian Amazon from the Madeira River, for the negative impact on the northern region.

The League of Environmental Defense (Lidema) confirmed the denunciation made by El Diario, meaning that dams in the Brazilian hydroelectric San Antonio and Jirau caused negative impacts that have influenced the overflowing rivers in the country, and that is why the representatives of this institution stated that Bolivia should demand compensation for the enormous damage and economic losses caused in the north.

The Lidema expert, Octavio Ribera said that Bolivia is still in a position to require an environmental audit at international level, for assessing the current impact and future risks and consequences of altering the hydrology of the Madeira River.

He also warned that although there would be reduced rainfall or even stops raining, flood or normal shock water to the northern Amazon, from Riberalta or Guayaramerín downstream will not arrive until the months of March and April, ie a large of the water now flooding the central plain of the Amazon of Bolivia, will go down in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, stressed the attitude of El Diario, who once again defends the interests of the country, denouncing these actions that affect the whole of Bolivian society.


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