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About the alleged Santa Cruz separatism…

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Diario:

About Santa Cruz separatism

Manfredo KempffThe escape of former prosecutor Marcelo Soza to Brazil may be the end of a curse that fell on the Bolivian people, but particularly for Santa Cruz. A whole rigging mounted with unusual cynicism has kept on suspense hundreds of families who suffered for their children, siblings or parents, who were to give their bones to prisons or, with better luck, could reach any border that would guarantee shelter. [exiled nevertheless…]

Marcelo Soza was just a piece of all this terrible gear. An important tool, no doubt, because he was used to investigate and prosecute on what he knew beforehand that it was false. Because it was a lie that Santa Cruz had been intended to kill H.E. [His Excellency], as false as the Santa Cruz had exploded a bomb at the residence of Cardinal Julio Terrazas, and more slanderous that political and business leaders of Santa Cruz had intended separatist action by hiring to a European mercenaries, to carry out the commitment.

This was a hatched up plot from the Government. Everyone knows it was a plot to eliminate any resistance from cruceño people, against the ethnocentric omnipotence that strutted back in 2008, two years of rule by H.E. To people that not admitted new gods, strange rituals, cryptic words, extravagant symbolism, because did not understand, because not even compatriots of the highlands did not understand themselves, the conspiracy was hatched, a plot that was mounted by the Government against santa Cruz. But also against Beni and Pando, ie against the Bolivian East in general.

We will not spend a lot of lines to charges of terrorism because they are already cleared . H.E. was not going to be knocked down by a shot of a young hunter with a shotgun that was more than a kilometer away from him. Even the most ignorant in weapons, knows that a gun is not effective within that distance. As for Eduardo Rózsa and his two companions, it is known that they were shot in their beds (or next to them) in the Las Americas Hotel by security forces. It has been proven over time and again that there was no fight and it was a straightforward execution to silence them up. Moreover, if it was to commit terrorist acts in the country, we know that, out of the old junk that the Government did seize at the FEXPO, there would have never be enough weapons and explosives to carry out the assaults that were made.

Where was the essence of the plot? Where was the core of the conspiracy against Santa Cruz? Neither more nor less than in separatism. There was the heart of the matter. It was necessary to revive old suspicions, old suspicions that join some of the nation ‘s most populous, against each other. If it had been only little terrorism happen in western Bolivia and perhaps would have led to some sympathy from malcontents who did not wish in any way that MAS impose their power. So the accusation of terrorism was not enough. Terrorism can be manipulated. To liquidate the Santa Cruz, to persecute, imprison, exile them, with no mouth opening in their defense, a lethal argument, something that would be unacceptable to the rest of the country was needed. Hence, it arose the Machiavellian idea of ​​returning to the camba separatism cliché. And as if Bolivia was a cup of milk, the miscreants returned to replace the anachronistic separatism with venal soul. The enemies of autonomy turned the tables and autonomy appeared as a desire for camba independence. No Bolivian would agree with that.

So great was the scandal with the murders of Las Americas, finely mounted as government propaganda about the separatists dead in a few days the amazement rippled beyond our borders. The three militiamen coldly executed stopped to be of any concern. H.E. took luxury to report to Castro and Chavez that, in lieu of the opponents secession reigned in Bolivia, he himself had ordered to settle the matter. What happened before in Porvenir, Beni, another assembly, also had natural relevance. This was to avoid a repeat of the Balkan wars in Bolivia secessionists. Santa Cruz was little more than a potential Kosovo, which, to make things worse, became independent in those years.

Now, Soza, with his precipitated flight, left in the lurch the Government. Surely be the Public Ministry, for its inefficiency, to be blamed or had placed their heads in the guillotine. The fact is that the terrorism, separatism case fell dramatically. All the lies have been exposed. It is now up to Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz people to put the record straight and lift the infamy.