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Bolivia History 101: Chile’s invasion forcing us to remain landlocked

Agustin Saavedra writes in El Deber:

Another day of landlocked from the sea

Agustin SaavedraThe Bolivian coastline was usurped by Chile in a conflict started on February 14, 1879. Today, March 23, 2014, 135 years running and the heroism of Eduardo Abaroa in Calama. At the end there was the loss of a vital territory. Chile, not content to leave Bolivia deprived of access to the sea and already in full war – geofágica euphoria, waged a war of conquest that culminated in the occupation of Lima, the city where the Chilean troops committed many outrages.

The victor, arbitrarily set the rules before an apathetic international community, who was living engrossed in other matters and little worried about the drama (1879-1883) in the southern Pacific Ocean. After the Truce Pact of 1884, Bolivia came with the Treaty of 1904. Of little worth remembering aspects before signing, nor who was responsible for that decision. Bolivia was pressing Chile for the sake of open Pacific ports for exports of tin and depending on the winds and ‘liberal’ ‘modernists’ of that time, forcibly consummated their geographical confinement. This is an atrocity so far not repaired and not fully understood by the universal consciousness. Leaving aside the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I (November 1918), Bolivia is the only country in the world deprived by force and its landlocked.

As I stated before, one that retains ill-gotten goods but refuses to acknowledge its past wrongdoing, tends to be aggressive. This is what happens with the Chilean state. The latest version of this has been the barrage of post-visit of President Evo Morales remarks during the second sworn-in of Michelle Bachelet. The difference with the bullying was only grade … However, I still hope that sometime Chile will use their intelligence, which has so well known in other contexts – use it to solve the problem. Nothing can be narrow on integration as a puncture wound remains a product of the pressure of the strong over the weak.

Since 1910 (Memorandum Sánchez Bustamante) Bolivia again demanded his return to the sea and followed up until now, and in April will present its case to the International Court of Justice. There will be shown multiple times that Chile offered solutions and that ours is not a mere ‘aspiration’, as repeated from Santiago. Bolivia has inalienable rights over the Pacific, we must continue to fight for them with reason, the force was already used by Chile last century at the expense of two people’s brothers (Peru and Bolivia) who were aggressively forced.