Bolivia: Spring is just around the corner!

Igor Ruiz report for El Deber:


Trees give color to the avenues

Several plant species are leafless by winter, but already bloom

2013-09-04 01.56.35 pmThe neighborhoods streets and avenues of the city are filled with colors by flowering trees that herald the arrival of spring. The most common colors of the flowers are yellow of cork trees [alcornoque], pink of the terns [gallitos], the cosorios red and white from the tajibo that brighten the view of pedestrians and drivers.

The most striking happened yesterday when tajibo plants showed an intense white and ivory, that in some cases seemed that it was snowing, as the hullabaloo of children. “I like to see the white flowers (of tajibo), only that they last little in the trees because of the wind“, said Teresa Fernández, from Cordecruz Norte District.

However, the lack of leaves can also be appreciated in the toborochis, pink tajibo, pajarilla y oreja de mono [monkey ear].


Forest engineer Eduardo Sandóval explained that the bloom of a white tajibo is 15 days, while a pink is two to three months. “Loss of leaves of the tree is to avoid perspiration in winter, said Sandoval.

You have to go to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and enjoy!

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