Bolivian nationalizations like Mallku Khota are useless!!!

Current Bolivian government likes to pose as populist, socialist, lover and protector of mother earth and other useful demagogue poses… however, that does little to bring food to the Bolivian table.

Mallku Khota was taken over by force by a group of individuals who thought anarchy would pay off and that current government was gone come to their aid… easier said than done… and Bolivian prestige suffers worldwide.

Pagina Siete reports:

The mine was taken out by the State

Bids for valuing Mallku Khota have no defined date

2013-03-16 09.18.09 amThe bid for valuing the assets left by South American Silver, which operated in Mallku Khota mine, in Potosi, was declared deserted, and there is no date for another.

In recent days, the Corporación Minera de Bolivia (Comibol) launched a call so that a company “independent, performs a valuation (assessments) of the investments made by the company Mallku Khota S.A. and Exploraciones Mineras Santa Cruz (Emicruz)”, as provided in presidential decree 1308, by means of which that mine was reverted to the State.

The Vice Minister of mining policy, Jorge Villca, clarified that the article widespread by this journal, with the headline “Companies are not interested in drilling Mallku Khota mine”, referred that no company was presented to the bid for such assessment and the works conducted by the former operator. [click here for that article, which reports lack of safety and lack of property-ownership enforcement, who in their right mind would come… at the risk of loosing their investment, and the personal safety of their employees??!!]

Currently, Comibol and the National Service of Geology and Technical Mining (Sergeotecmin) are performing preparation work in the sector of Mallku Khota, where there are project profiles for the activities of both institutions.

One of the reports of the Comibol points out that staff that comes from the ayllus [indigenous communities] surrounding the area of influence of the project, was contracted temporarily.

According to the publication, the Ministry of Mining and Sergeotecmin have identified a sector made up of grain with a high content of silver, bismuth and copper that can be worked in the conventional forms of mining. [and we are in the 21st century… how can our minerals be competitive and bring long-term employment? certainly not this governmental way…]

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