Bolivian politics amid escalating violence

These cartoons reflect what Bolivian society has been forced to endure for many years already; but we are reaching the limit, it is inconceivable that well into this century our way of coexistence has deteriorated exponentially. We must sit and reflect:

This is from El Dia, April 18, 2012:

The government (MAS) tries to force the medics to work eight hours daily. Which doctors and other health professionals are against. Resulting in injuries to those who protest, to those who enforce and of course the whole population.

As of this date, health strikes and blockades continue and our ill people cannot get the assistance they deserve. This government has failed to engage with society, regardless of the majority of the votes they received, the MAS politicians simply want to impose their political views by force. There is no negotiation, no common sense.

This is from La Razon, April 22, 2012:

It is undeniable that public transport drivers have leverage, they helped governments remain in power and they also were crucial in the violent expulsion of others. They are so violent and disrespectful that this cartoon portrays their behavior like no other.

The issue here is the “complaint” they have over the Municipal Transport and Urban Transit Law. Which is tied to a better public transport service that the municipality of La Paz is trying to implement. In the meantime, citizens and tourists have to face blockades and violence, in Bolivian roads and streets…

This is from El Dia, April 24, 2012:

TIPNIS indigenous struggle to preserve their way of life in their territory and also to protect our National Park, continues.

This cartoon reads “extend the term for the TIPNIS consultation, it would give time to convince some recalcitrants”

The chopper is landing in San Ignacio de Moxos while an armed, suppressor group is disembarking. That town and surroundings have a number of MAS advocates and probably some misinformed people; they want to blockade the TIPNIS, CIDOB, CONAMAQ protest-walk. Last year the same groups suffered violent, unprovoked aggression by the police (to date, no responsible party has faced any type of punishment).

This is from El Diario, April 29, 2012:

Demonstrators use dynamite while they march, causing panic and threatening the lives of bystanders.

The major labor union (COB) with the miners create turmoil and have been responsible for the violent strikes and blockades in our cities.

This particular cartoon shows the ‘attack’ the municipality and prefect offices had to suffer.

Finally, this is from El Diario, April 30, 2012:

It portrays how centralism keeps going the other way of autonomy.

In this particular case, there is the ‘fight’ between the national police in charge of the transit control with the municipality of La Paz.

So, with this setting, that have not changed over time, that is, we have not learned from our tumultuous past. Bolivian society keeps inside turmoil, violence, non-productivity, non-competitiveness; while unemployment grows, investment, productivity and public safety continue to diminish.

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