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An unusual and most likely useless work-free day in Bolivia, Monday April 30, 2012

I remember a Vietnamese friend back in Rotterdam who told me he and his wife worked for the government from Monday thru Saturday, on Sundays they work for their only child, to save money for his education. Here current government has declared today a holiday, among some of the ‘excuses’ was to boost the tourism… I wonder who would plan a trip with hours notice… that announcement came public late afternoon, Friday 27.

So, the cartoons below will illustrate how badly “we needed” a non-work day in a country which is actually fighting last place with Haiti in development and wealth (education, health, productivity, so on).

From El Diario, April 20, 2012. Current president speaking to one of his ministers:

“… I spend $40 million in an airplane for the president…! or $300 in satellite… or $5 million in a museum of the president, in Orinoca… same with a new palace for the president..! .. And, they all complain and demand salary increases..! … what an egoism, I can not understand…!”

This is from El Dia, April 20, 2012.

Title reads “Last ones in the line”

The line starts by “size” which in the real numbers show the “preferences” that current government assigned to our tax contributions, of the minority of the population, remember most fall under the informal and at times illegal sectors like the coca growers who plant coca and profit from its sales, coca which is well above the legal amount to be grown.

First in line is the centralism (bureaucracy, control); then the army; education; health; and to end environment.

 This one, from El Diario, April 24, 2012, shows how “efficient” is the work in public offices who have engaged in working eight hours straight… no lunch… supposedly:

Two women entering an office, one says “… come! … here we will pay. It is continuous wor…”

By the counter, a sign reads: “because of the blockades we went to lunch”

So, too much for efficiency and effectiveness; ironically the people who were suppose to stay at work, to save transportation money, to/from home for lunch, went ahead, in detriment of the service they are supposed to give. I’m sorry to say that even in private banks, the service diminishes during “lunch” hours, as some cashiers take lunch breaks and there are long lines of customers.

And finally, this cartoon from El Dia, April 26, 2012.

There have been numerous demonstrations, protest for one cause or another. The one city that suffers the most is La Paz. Cartoon shows how streets have become, marchers meeting in a crossroad. On one end, a group of health workers and from the other miners and blue-collar workers throwing dynamite to police forces…

Yesterday’s sudden work-free day, aimed at appeasing the protests and defusing conflict. In any case, the workers union (COB) said that they will march today, as it is labor day and will continue to express their claims.

Over the long weekend, the TIPNIS marchers’ group had decided to stop, because the dirt roads they are walking through are muddy, and a cold front from the South Pole continues to hit tropical side of our, still beautiful country.