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Lynching and gangs are sprouting in Bolivia… beware!!

El Deber reports:

Church condemns mob killings and regrets the proliferation of gangs

2014-06-22 09.54.39 amThe Cardinal [Julio Terrazas, Catholic] at the time to send a greeting on mother’s day in Bolivia, he reflected that children should take care of the one who gave us life, throughout the year and not only this day with a few presents, or, a simple Serenade.

“We have to look at the other realities which are constantly touching the heart, mind and spirit and sometimes produce joys as the memory of the mothers, but also sometimes produce us fear, sometimes produce us fright, and this is what happens when a person is lynched [two in the last 72 hours], feel this as if was a value of any community taking the law into their hands, take the life of another, and worse still if they later say that it was a mistake”, said Terrazas.

“It hurts us to see gangs multiply, it is a phenomenon that some time should have been already answered clearly by those with the responsibility to society”. “But rather than count the number of gangs that should grief us is that in these groups there are minors, aged 11 and 12 years of age,” he added.

Cardinal also lamented that the country keeps finding large quantities of drugs, which gives society a bad image, which is surrounded by crime, drugs, crime and insecurity.

In the opportunity, also highlighted the involvement of the homily the Assistant Bishop from El Alto, Monsignor Fernando Bascopé, who will participate in four marriages of Bolivia at the world meeting in Milan: “He’s going to be on behalf of our Church, on behalf of the families of these families the Lord has created”.

Finally, the prelate called Bolivians to strengthen the core of the family which is the only place where you can find the values taught by the Lord, to live with dignity.

“The family is a project of God and not stemming from a dream or delusion, the family is the project of God, the germ, the cell where you can find the values required in the human person to live in dignity”, he noted.


Every Sunday Cardinal Terrazas, relentlessly reflects on our daily lives and tries to strengthen our faith, our will to continue. Current government, instead of addressing those issues, attacks the Catholic Church while the standing and prestige, admiration for the Cardinal grows exponentially.

Bolivia’s been deteriorating fast and we should pray for better days. Government needs to embrace and enforce the Law, we cannot go back to the dark ages, we cannot accept nor allow lynching nor money laundering and gang violence.

UPDATE as of June 22, 2014: To see pictures of this despicable anarchical action, as “supported” by current ruling ochlocracy, please use this link.